Thursday, September 27, 2012

Words Without Meaning

No. I do not want to talk to you. I will not respond to your message that you miss me again because it has become too routine. Of course I miss you too. And I have said it every day since you left. You. Left. We decided it would be best. But you were the one that moved on. And have continued to move on every day since I watched the truck pull you and our relationship away. You have interviews and a new house and opportunities. Why couldn't you have done that with me? Why weren't you able to pull your shit together and be a grown up with me? Why now? Why not then? I would have gone anywhere with you, supported you, stood behind, beside, and in front. You say you need to figure your stuff out. It is just so odd how quickly you were able to do that without me. So, no. I do not want to talk to you right now. I wanted you and to talk to you when you were here. But it has been made so clear so quickly just how little you needed me. In fact, I feel as if I may have been in your way all along.

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