Friday, August 3, 2012


This blog is born out of many things...the need for a creative outlet that isn't going to be graded or part of my thesis; a project to work on so that I am not sucked into wasting away hours staring at mindless television; a long-shot hope that I can someday put these thoughts and postings into some sort of collection or develop them into short stories or longer essays; but mostly, it is space that I can write and simply be. I have dozens of ideas, essays, stories, thoughts and musings that I plan to put here, some may be accompanied by a photo or some appropriate visual aids - but I plan to devote much more energy into the power of my words. So I hope you enjoy, or simply take the time to read and consider. I am not here to lecture but discuss paths and the roads taken to where we have arrived. I have come to this new, white blank page to look back at the people we used to be and discover the new ones we have become. Hindsight is 20/20 and I believe that writing gives us the opportunity to record a sliver of the people we are at that moment in time. And when we go back and read what was written, we are reintroduced to our former selves, we are allowed to talk to them, remind ourselves how innocent/naive/hurt/brave/terrified/full of wonder we used to be. We are given the chance to hold the people we used to be and let them know that they made it. Their hard work is paying off. They were stronger than they realized. As human beings, we are given the gift of memories and while I do not recommend living in the past, it is important to know where we came from, the lessons we learned, and the promises we have kept and the decisions we were wise enough to change and opt out of. I hope that through this looking back it will teach us to live here and now with no regrets and live a life that is delightful to look back on. Here's to the people we used to be and the people we will be tomorrow. Here's to the lives that inspire us to live more beautifully today than we did yesterday. Here's to today.

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